Drupal is a one of the powerful PHP content management system. Nowadays most of the organizations are using drupal for thier business so that demand is very high for drupal developer. Let us see how to install drupal what all the setting need to do by you step by step explanation available below

Stpe1): Download the drupal recommended releases from www.drupal.org. See the following screen.


Step 2):After downloded the drupal package then you need to extracted the .zip file to normal folder See the following screen.



Step 3):Now you have to copy the drupal folder to your php server that the following screen appearing below.



Step 4): Access the drupal folder from your server path ex: http://localhost/drupal-7.34/ or



Step5): Choose profile, choose language, verify requirements and set up database. If you have a problem like above just create database for drupuseng phpmadmin





Step6):Eneter database name, username and password then save and continue..



Step7). Installation will take few seconds that appearing the following screen.



Step8). Enter site information like site name, site admin email address, site maintenance account details.



Step9). After entering site info then you will get the congratulations message.



Step9). After installation you will get the following screen and start drupal site just click on add content then choose article.




Step10). Enter article Name and body.



Step11). Now ready to use your drupal site.



Step12).Click on Apperance link at top of the header then it shows available themes. See the following screen.


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