Moodle is open source lms which allows you to customization and create new functions so that I have written a function for user profile picture that you need to write in course/lib.php file so finally wherever you want to display just call the function.

Here is the my function:

function print_userpic() {
global $USER,$DB,$CFG;
$user_priofile_pic=$DB->get_record(‘files’, array(‘id’ => $USER->picture));
return $userprofile_pix;

And also written one more function that for retrieving site front page news which is available in the following.

function print_frontpagenews()
global $DB;
$sitenews=$DB->get_record(‘course’, array(‘id’ =>1));
echo $sitenews->summary;

I hope it is help to you. Please share your thoughts.

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