Do you know how to change worpress site general information? if you don’t know this article for you only. Let us start the discussion on how to change worpress website general information. After login wordpress website you will get a admin dashboard so just go through settings link on left side panel then what you want to change that can be done.

Here is the some steps you need to follow.

step 1): Go to Settings and mouse over on it then you will get dropdown menu type options.

step 2): Click on general link it will open a general settings form.

Web site title, website tagline,website url,website address,Email address for updates of wordpress site,membership its default unchecked,new user role,default subscriber,time zone, date format option and available custom format for it,time format options and it has also custom option and week days start option also available.

Once enter the all details then click on the save button. This information you can change any time.

General Settings

See website title how is it appearing .

In the next blog I will explain how to create menu items in wordpress? Thanks for reading my article.

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