In wordpres website we can make custom menu very easy that I am sharing my views here. First you have to go wtih Admin Dashboard then click on post you will get these link like all posts >>Add new>>Categories>>tags.

Step 1):Just one click on categories link it will go to create a category form. See the following screenshot for better understanding.

Select Category

Step 2):After clicked on category Add new category form will come then enter category name here.

Create Category

Step 3):After adding all categories what all the menu Items you want to show on website. see here some example categories in our website.

Select menu in appearance Step 4):After adding all categories you have to go to  appearance and click on menus link.

Step 5):After clicked on menus link then you will get below screen which tells us create a custom menu and add to all categories to that menu and just save it.
Add to menu

Step 5): Finally you have to custom menu for your theme. so that here click on theme customization then select the custom menu from navigation drop down.

Customize Press Start — WordPress


I hope you have got my point. Enjoy keep on visit my blog, it will help you a bit.

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  1. i love this website a lot!


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